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DPN in the Media

Pandemic and Human Rights: Deep Poverty Network Presentation
ESN Altınbaş & ESN Yeditepe

Bianet 23 April 2021 / Ayşegül Özbek
Interview with Selen Yüksel: Expired baby food, one diaper at a time, tap water

Society+Space: 25 January 2021 Eray Çaylı
Racialized ‘Make-Work-and-Let-Buy’ Capitalism: Working from Home and Living/Dying from Work

Non-Profit Policy Forum Volume 12 Issue 1: 22 January 2021 Erhan Doğan and H. Deniz Genç
“Early-Responding Civil Society and a Late Coming State: Findings from Turkey during the Pandemic”

Reuters: 15 January 2021 Ezgi Erkoyun, Jonathan Spicer
“Analysis: Less for more in Turkey: costly food starves economic rebound”

New York Times 27 December 2020 / Carlotta Gall
Battered Turkish Economy Puts a Powerful Erdogan to the Test

Inside Turkey 24 December 2020 / Gözde Yel
How the pandemic impoverished Istanbul’s cleaners

Duvar English: 24 November 2020 Ferhat Yaşar
“Istanbul’s poorest families cannot afford baby food, feed children sugar water instead”

The Norwich Radical 16 December 2020 / Jonathan Lee
Roma are Being Excluded as Schools in Turkey Switch to Distance Learning

Ahval News 15 December 2020
Pandemics and Precarious lives

Gazete Duvar 24 November 2020 / Ferhat Yaşar
Istanbul’s poorest families cannot afford baby food, feed children sugar water instead

Bianet 23 November 2020 / Evrim Kepenek
Some households cannot access clean drinking water in İstanbul

Bianet 18 June 2020 / Evrim Kepenek
The cry of ‘Do you have any spare food’ and abject poverty in İstanbul

Bianet 25 May 2020 / Evrim Kepenek
Deep Poverty Network: Poor Households Abandoned to Hunger During Pandemic

Ahval News 16 May 2020
Turkeys Roma Hit Hard by Covid-19 Outbreak