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2020-21 Activity Report

It has been prepared to summarize the work we carried out as Open Space Association & Deep Poverty Network between January 2020 – December 2021.

Absent Stories

There were a wide range of means at our fingertips to narrate the unsustainable conditions and rights violations in deep poverty: research, monitoring, photography, interviews, exhibitions, videos, and stories… We chose stories as our tool for the Absent Stories project. Believing that the stories we encountered during our work in this field would be best... 


We will continue to extend solidarity to those living in deep poverty, in a non-discriminatory manner.Throughout this process, we believe it is important that all social aid provided by the government,local authorities or NGOs be rendered in a way that respects human dignity, with the understandingthat restrictions on access to basic needs are in essence... 

Our Agenda is Child Poverty

Due to the 23rd April Children’s Holiday, or agenda is child poverty.

Our Agenda is Female Poverty

Due to 8th March International Women’s Day, our agenda is female poverty.

Deep Poverty Network:Combatting Poverty in the Context of the Pandemic

“Deep Poverty Network:Combatting Poverty in the Context of the Pandemic Report” describes the solidarity model that the Deep Poverty Network initiated as a crisis intervention to meet the basic food and care needs of daily wagers and other individuals who live on daily basis. This report is dedicated to all those who struggle with deep... 

Call to Public Institutions and Local Governments: Urgent Action Plan for Individuals Experiencing Deep Poverty

This informative annotation involves proposals and urgent action precautions that need to be taken for street animals, households and individuals (the homeless, single parents, students, disabled, elderly, children, refugees, unemployed, small businesses, street vendors, musicians, paper collectors, flower sellers) who have become poorer in the Covid-19 process, took the heaviest burden, and face the dangers... 

Research on Deep Poverty and Access to Human Rights During the Pandemic:Suggestions for Local Governments for Crisis Intervention Programs

Since March 2020, while the authorities are explaining the pandemic measures, they do not take into account the conditions of those who live in a single-room house with 7-8 people, those who make a living with daily work, those who do not have city water in their homes, those who do not have a healthy... 

30 October 2020 İzmir Seferihisar Earthquake Children’s Rights-Based Investigation Report

This report is compiled from the field observations and interviews gathered by (in alphabetical order) BUSOS, Children Rights Center, Deep Poverty Network and Colourful Hopes Association after the 30 October 2020 İzmir Seferihisar earthquake. This report aims to provide a rapid children rights-based assessment regarding the researches conducted after the earthquake by the public administrations,...