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As we endeavour to make visible unsustainable conditions imposed by deep poverty and initiate debate on poverty as a human rights violation, we offer support for basic needs of those who experience poverty with our #ChangeFromYourHome campaign, as a means of emergency intervention.

Research on Deep Poverty and Access to Human Rights During the Pandemic: Suggestions for Local Governments for Crisis Intervention Programs

Deep Poverty Network (DPN) is a solidarity network that carries out rights-based work in dozens of poor neighborhoods to tackle urban poverty. Since March 2020, while the authorities are explaining the pandemic measures, they do not take into account the conditions of those who live in a single-room house with 7-8 people, those who make... 

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9 December

A couple of COPD patients reached us. Their electricity was cut off because they could not pay their electricity bills. They used neighbor electricity for air machines. Now their neighbor is Covid +, their power is off.They say, “We want to breathe.” Note: The couple’s electricity debts were paid in a very short time in... 

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