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As we endeavour to make visible unsustainable conditions imposed by deep poverty and initiate debate on poverty as a human rights violation, we offer support for basic needs of those who experience poverty with our #ChangeFromYourHome campaign, as a means of emergency intervention.

Absent Stories

There were a wide range of means at our fingertips to narrate the unsustainable conditions and rights violations in deep poverty: research, monitoring, photography, interviews, exhibitions, videos, and stories… We chose stories as our tool for the Absent Stories project. Believing that the stories we encountered during our work in this field would be best... 

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Story of the Day – March 12, 2021

A ney performer tells, “I have been playing the ney and earning my keep since I was 15. I have not been performing on a stage since last year. I no longer have natural gas, the payments for the credit debts for my accumulated rent have started. I still cannot work. I cannot see a... 

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