Who Are We?

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Deep Poverty Network is a network of solidarity working in the field of poverty that is involved in rights- based activities in tens of poor neighbourhoods. It was established in December 2019 by volunteers of Çimenev (Grass House) that is working on the rights and needs of children, young individuals, and women specifically and is involved in training activities with such groups.

At Çimenev, we aim to contribute to the healthy development of children and creating equal opportunities with a holistic approach through joint activities with families, children, and local government authorities. We have been offering free-of-charge training to 115 children (preschool, elementary school, secondary school, and high school students) and 50 mothers for 4 years.

However, we know that the elimination of deep poverty is only possible through holistic and preventive policies. We cannot reduce poverty merely to the income level and relevant indicators. This is, at the same time, a condition of social alienation and inequality. Those living in Deep Poverty primarily need access to fundamental rights including food, shelter, healthcare, education, clothing, and psychosocial support. Our aim is to create projects to support their access to such fundamental rights and to develop proposals to secure a permanent solution to deep poverty, as well as to report on and follow up the implementation of such projects and proposals.

We have been informed that the families, known to be in precarious employment, have been faced with the risk of losing their jobs altogether or being forced to take unpaid leave during this pandemic that has brought forth the common problem of economic hardships. With that in mind, we started the #ChangeFromHome Campaign to respond to the situation where families already known to be at risk and under our follow-up could not access their fundamental rights, i.e. shelter, food, infant formula, and diapers and patient pads.

How can I support the campaign?
Supporters offer food aid to individuals who were in precarious or day labour but cannot work during the pandemic process. This campaign has allowed us to provide fresh and basic foodstuffs, diapers and patient pads, infant formula, and cleaning products to more than three thousand families in day labour including flower sellers, peddlers, textile workers, construction workers, welders, household workers, waste paper workers, electricians, and barbers since 18th March 2020. On the other hand, we have endeavoured to add further sustainability to our solidarity to cover the needs of 120 families for the monthly regular provision of food, diapers, and formula by way of matching families with supporters starting from June 2020.

Credits for Translation in English / İngilizceye çeviren: Gökçe Katkıcı