Story of the Day – August 19, 2020 – Deep Poverty Network
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Story of the Day – August 19, 2020

19 August, Two stories:
"I am 57. I used to work in textiles before Corona. They have laid me off. Now, I started to work again as a cleaner. I couldn’t pay my rent. The landlord is asking me to vacate the house. My husband is 67 and ill. When I miss the shuttle, I ask the bus driver to take me home.” #SocialJustice

“I can’t sleep until the morning so that rats the size of cats do not eat at my 3-year-old. I want bricks, sister.” You have a movie playing out in the middle of Istanbul; Don’t let my mother know of my poverty, my sadness #WeWantContainersUrgently

Location: Çekmeköy / Nişantepe
Shot by: Deep Poverty Network Volunteer