Education in Poverty: Portraits from Turkey February 2024 – Deep Poverty Network
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Education in Poverty: Portraits from Turkey February 2024

Twenty million students in Turkey, including approximately five and a half million in primary schools, resumed the second term on February 5th, 2024. Education continues to play a critical role in breaking the cycle of poverty in Turkey (1). Unfortunately, attendance in education in Turkey means struggling with significant challenges for many students and families. One in five children are skipping meals (2), three in five have never been to a cinema or a theater in the last year (3), 442,643 children are out of education (4), and income distribution continues to deteriorate (5).

As the Deep Poverty Network (DPN), through fieldwork and household interviews conducted in diversed neighborhoods of Istanbul, we reveal the multidimensional nature of poverty, generate discussion, and create an agenda. We engage in advocacy activities with public institutions, local and central governments by presenting solutions based on current discussions. As an outcome of the fieldwork, empowerment efforts continue to support primary school girls who are at risk of dropping out of education, under the title of “access to education support.” This support includes providing uniforms, stationery, and monthly basic food supply to prioritize these girls’ needs. Household support, including rent, bills, medicine, and household items, as well as referral efforts for social support and employment mechanisms also continue as part of our program.