Human Rights and Poverty Agenda in the Media: November 22nd-28th 2021 – Deep Poverty Network
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Human Rights and Poverty Agenda in the Media: November 22nd-28th 2021

The weekly media scan, which is updated every Monday, has been prepared as a series where you can see the news published on online media channels about poverty and human rights violations caused by poverty.


23.11.2021, INTERPOL 
INTERPOL General Assembly opens in Turkey with new member country bringing total to 195
With COVID-19 resulting in a parallel crime pandemic, particularly in relation to cybercrime and online child sexual exploitation, delegates will discuss proposals to advance the Organization’s technical and operational support to member countries in these areas.

25.11.2021, moonshot
Women’s mental health and safety pandemic’s victims
Women’s safety and metal health has suffered during the pandemic. A new report from UN Women shows 41% of women say their mental and emotional health have been negatively affected as a result of the pandemic.  45% of women have been exposed directly or indirectly to at least one form of violence against women (VAW), according to the report called Measuring the shadow pandemic: Violence against women during COVID -19.

28.11.2021, UN News
First Person: ‘Disability reminds us that there is no such thing as normal’
There are 1.2 billion disabled people in the world, covering both visible and invisible disabilities. That's about 15 per cent of the world's total population. People don't know this, because I think that people are afraid of disability and don't know how to talk about it, because disabilities are still associated with neglect, isolation, and deprivation.

Disabled people are still more likely than not to be unemployed, and to not have any access to health care. Poverty is both the cause and the consequence of disability, and the overwhelming majority of people with disabilities live in poverty.