Human Rights and Poverty Agenda in the Media: November 29th – December 5th 2021 – Deep Poverty Network
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Human Rights and Poverty Agenda in the Media: November 29th – December 5th 2021

The weekly media scan, which is updated every Monday, has been prepared as a series where you can see the news published on online media channels about poverty and human rights violations caused by poverty.


29.11.2021, npr
Saudi Arabia and China are accused of using sports to cover up human rights abuse
What do China, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have in common? The answer might not be as obvious as you think. But all three countries are accused of human rights violations, and all three are also playing host to some of the largest and most lucrative sporting events in the world. "It's the process whereby a country or regime with a particularly poor human rights record uses sport as a way of creating positive headlines, positive spin about their countries," Jakens explained.

29.11.2021, Mirror
Universal Basic Income welfare scheme could halve poverty, report claims
Poverty would be halved if a Universal Basic Income was launched, a report claims today. A study commissioned by Wales’ Future Generations Commissioner said the move would slash overall Welsh poverty rates by 50% - and cut child poverty by 64%. In its pure form, the welfare scheme sees everyone given a set amount of cash regardless of whether they are homeless, penniless and unemployed or a yacht-owning, mansion-dwelling billionaire.