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Poverty, equity, human rights and health

Paula Braveman& Sofia Gruskin, 2003Approaches focusing on poverty, equity, or human rights in relation to health have sometimes been viewed as conflicting or competing, and champions of the poverty–health relationship have sometimes viewed equity and human rights concerns as too abstract or insufficiently relevant. In addition, links between health, equity and human rights have not... 

Poverty Research for Creating a Cultural and Social Service Model

The study is conducted for public interest by the Social Solidarity Volunteers Association through interviews with 152 individuals from different neighbourhoods of Ankara/Çankaya in order to examine self-poverty perception and the expectations from local governments regarding the services. Within the planning process of the study, it was aimed to establish a common ground between the... 

Addressing the Notion of Poverty as a Violation of Human Rights

Within the article, uploaded by Semih Nargül to, the effects of poverty and how it is perceived, defined, and provided with solutions throughout history is examined alongside why poverty should be regarded as a human rights violation.