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‘Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights’ is available in Turkish now!

The document prepared by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has been translated into Turkish by Deep Poverty Network with the support of Etkiniz EU Programme. The Guiding Principles on Extreme Poverty and Human Rights are the first global policy guidelines focused specifically on the human rights of people living in poverty. They are... 

We will continue to extend solidarity to those living in deep poverty, in a non-discriminatory manner.Throughout this process, we believe it is important that all social aid provided by the government, local authorities or NGOs be rendered in a way that respects human dignity, with the understanding that restrictions on access to basic needs are... 

Campaign: Our Agenda for April is Education and Play Rights

With our campaign named “Our Agenda for April is Education and Play Rights”, we aim to provide stationery and play materials for 100 children who live in poverty in order to support their access to education and play rights. Every support that you provide to this campaign will allow children who live in poverty to... 

According to Müzik-Sen data, at least 100 musicians have committed suicide since the beginning of the pandemic.

As Deep Poverty Network, with Istanbul Music and Performing Artists Association, we met with over 100 performing artists (from violin, keyboard, org, piano, bağlama, guitar, drums, drum, darbuka, zurna, ney, tambourine players to soloists, illusionists, electricians, and actors) who cannot work over a year due to the pandemic. These people cannot receive regular support and... 

Story of the Day – March 12, 2021

A ney performer tells, “I have been playing the ney and earning my keep since I was 15. I have not been performing on a stage since last year. I no longer have natural gas, the payments for the credit debts for my accumulated rent have started. I still cannot work. I cannot see a... 

Story of the Day – March 29, 2021

“The schools are open for one month. The payments for the credit debts have started, I still cannot work. I have received one thousand lira (150$) worth of social support for once. I cannot see a way out.”

We Will Not Give Up Istanbul Convention

 We Will Not Give Up because, When women who struggle with poverty are subject to gender-based violence, the inequality becomes stratified and the women become subject to multi-faceted discrimination. Thus, they cannot access justice and protection. Istanbul Convention indiscriminately protects everyone especially women, children, and LGBTİ+ individuals from gender-based discrimination and violence.

Campaign: Our Agenda is Female Poverty

As Deep Poverty Network, we observe that conditions generated by gender inequality make women carry the burden of poverty more heavily. Therefore, we would like to draw attention to the unsustainable conditions of deepening poverty for women. With the “Our Agenda is Female Poverty” campaign, we aim to provide support to women struggling with deep... 

Deep Poverty Network: A Successful Solidarity Model For Fighting Poverty

In our interview with Derya Kap from Civil Pages, we explained what kind of a solidarity model we created for fighting poverty. Read the interview here.

Story of the Day – December 16, 2020

A woman living in Ağva, her husband has cancer and experienced a heart attack. Their electricity and water have been cut and their fines have been accumulated. Electricity and water cuts must be stopped immediately.