Human Rights and Poverty Agenda in the Media: October 11th – 18th 2021 – Deep Poverty Network
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Human Rights and Poverty Agenda in the Media: October 11th – 18th 2021

The weekly media scan, which is updated every Monday, has been prepared as a series where you can see the news published on online media channels about poverty and human rights violations caused by poverty.


DAILY SABAH, 11.10.2021
Istanbul’s ‘picky’ taxi drivers face bans, fines
“Choosing” customers is among the most common complaints against thousands of taxi drivers in Europe's most populated city. Customers claim drivers ask them where they would like to travel to before they get into the vehicle. If they do not plan to travel a long distance, the driver comes up with excuses not to take them or flat out refuses the customers.

Hürriyet Daily News, 11.10.2021
Turkey's unemployment rate at 12.1% in August
The number of unemployed people aged 15 and over rose 11,000 month-on-month this August to 3.9 million, TÜİK said in a statement.

U.S.News, 12.10.2021
Fewer in US Turn to Food Banks, but Millions Still in Need
Hunger and food insecurity across the United States have dropped measurably over the past six months, but the need remains far above pre-pandemic levels. And specialists in hunger issues warn that the situation for millions of families remains extremely fragile.

The Guardian, 12.10.2021
Banks and rich nations must extend hand to those battling Covid
Britain’s recovery from the pandemic is slowing. So is the bounceback in Europe and the US, where the Biden administration is trying to piece together another major stimulus package to bridge the gap between pre- and post-pandemic job markets.

OXFAM International, 14.10.2021
IMFC backs new trust to channel IMF Special Drawing Rights to vulnerable countries: Oxfam reaction
The International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) gave its approval today to set up a new IMF-administered Resilience and Sustainability Trust (RST) that will allow wealthy nations to channel some of their Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to more vulnerable countries.

BBC, 17.10.2021 
Sudan: Protesters demand military coup as crisis deepens
Opponents of Sudan's transition to democracy took to the streets of Khartoum on Saturday to call on the army to take control of the country. On Friday, Sudan's civilian Prime Minister, Abdallah Hamdok, unveiled a plan to tackle what he called the country's "worst and most dangerous" political crisis in its two-year transition.