Reports of Deep Poverty Network

Research on Deep Poverty and Access to Human Rights During the Pandemic:Suggestions for Local Governments for Crisis Intervention Programs

Since March 2020, while the authorities are explaining the pandemic measures, they do not take into account the conditions of those who live in a single-room house with 7-8 people, those who make a living with daily work, those who do not have city water in their homes, those who do not have a healthy and balanced diet, those who do not have a television, tablet or internet, and those who live in deep poverty.
As of July 2020, we started field visits with the financial support of Heinrich Böll Foundation Turkey Respresentation in order to provide suggestions to local governments to support the economic, social and cultural rights of people who are experiencing deep poverty and to support these households in case of a lockdown.

Deep Poverty Network:Combatting Poverty in the Context of the Pandemic

“Deep Poverty Network:Combatting Poverty in the Context of the Pandemic Report” describes the solidarity model that the Deep Poverty Network initiated as a crisis intervention to meet the basic food and care needs of daily wagers and other individuals who live on daily basis.

This report is dedicated to all those who struggle with deep poverty and especially to children, whose struggle is greater than ours.